Designing of cost-efficient coal
preparation plants


Study of raw material base

Construction or reconstruction of any coal preparation plant requires a detailed study of raw materials base. Selection of coal preparation technology depends on this.

The least change in quality or washability rate of raw coal can lead to partial or complete loss of production capacity.


Lost profit

Some modern coal preparation plants lose about

RUB 880 000 000

annually because of the loss of production capacity due to
the change in the quality of deliverable
raw coal.

RUB 1 200
RUB 2 600
Raw coal cost RUB 1900
RUB 3 000
RUB 5 000
Market cost of coal RUB 4000

Our task is to provide the Customer with an opportunity to get
a multifunctional and flexible preparation plant which
is not afraid of the raw material base change.

Flexibility of plant operation

Flexibility is achieved by the selection of well-balanced technology for coal preparation and versatility of the selected process.

Preparation plants that are designed by our institute are able to process different grades of coal on one processing line very efficiently and at high quality standards.

Equipment upgrading

We foresee the possibility of further upgrading of equipment and addition of preparation modules that allows us to increase the capacity by up to 25% without any additional investments in construction and extension of workshop space.

Brand new global developments

A prerequisite for an optimum choice of coal preparation technology.

While choosing the processing line, we take into account experience of domestic and foreign coal preparation plants.

We know how having only 300 000 rubles to achieve the same result as if you have an investment in the amount of 15 000 000 rubles.

Specialists of the institute visited and got themselves familiar with the newest technologies of the USA, South Africa, China and Australia. 

Only the most necessary things

We choose only necessary equipment that helps to achieve planned results without increasing in financial expenses for the purchase of the technology of hyped brands.

There is no unnecessary equipment in our coal preparation plants! 

15% investment reduction

as a result of decisions made during design and arrangement
of equipment


Thanks to an efficiently selected process flowsheet,
buildings of the plant grow smaller, costs of materials,
installation and construction works, erection terms and
operating expenses are decreasing.



Besides that, there are some other steps that help
to reduce construction expenses:




General layout plan
  • Sustainable, production, transport and engineering communications at the enterprises.
Constructive methods
  • Modern methods of calculation with the use of Euro codes;
  • Application of the newest building materials.
Engineering nets
  • Selection of the most efficient equipment;
  • Decrease in the length of transportation lines.
Cost estimation
  • Cost of works and building materials which is the most beneficial for the Client, but not for the builders.



95% reduction of production costs

Developed by our Institute reclamation project will reduce
production costs for waste recycling by 95%

Storage of waste to disposal

~ RUB 11 300 000 per year
~ RUB 700 000 000 per year
Compensation for environment damage

Project development cost

~ RUB 200 130 per year
~ RUB 800 000 per year
Execution of the technical step of reclamation

Penalties for excess of emission limits and compensation of damage
to the environment far exceed the expenses for recultivation
of disturbed soils, that’s why practicability of this
does not give rise to any doubts.

Self-contained mobile complexes

Self-contained mobile complexes for coal conversion will increase
efficiency of enterprise performance in as little as 14 days!



Our Institute is developing mobile plants for the preparation
of raw coal in the area of design.



  • High efficiency
  • Maximum mobility
  • Low capital expenses
  • Low operating expenses
  • Stand-alone self-sufficiency including electricity






It allows the preparation process to be propelled to the next level.
Installation and commissioning of such complexes will take from 5 to 14 days.






Designer’s supervision is a guarantee of quality

of the construction of the object and erection of equipment


During the construction our specialists control
each step of erection of the objects. 


Compliance to design solutions and technology based standards

Compliance to design solutions and technology based standards

Selection and training of staff

By the end of construction our Institute will have helped
you to select and train staff.









Specialists of our Institute have decades of work experience in mining enterprises.
They held various positions starting from production engineers
and finishing with administrative posts.









They are the ones who will take part in
recruiting the best professionals for your












Specialists of our Institute are taking part in start-up process
of the preparation plant until it reaches planned




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