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Justification of parameters and technology of retaining prism filling to eliminate landslide

The process of dumping on the surface mining is one of the most problematic in terms of industrial safety. The problem is compounded by the fact that the external dumps are often pilled on unprepared base, composed of clay. Therefore, such a situation occurs when a set of external factors leads to considerable deformations of the dumps. In particular, a few years ago on one of Kuzbass open pits there was a major landslide. According to the studies made, the reasons for the landslide were irregularities in the process of stacking, intensive snow melting and continuous heavy rains. All this together led to the deformation of the slope of the lower tiers of the outer dump and to the landslides. This article describes the measures of eliminating the danger zone, designed to prevent further landslides and to ensure safe mining works on external dump. The parameters of grounded prism are discussed and the technology of its piling is offered. 

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