Design of underground






Technological solutions in our projects will use increase
economic efficiency of objects of subsoil and extend resource base
at the expense of starting to produce resources that used
to be considered inefficient.






Independent assessment and audit

Audit of a mining enterprise before selling, purchasing and with a view to decrease expenses and increase productivity.

Economic feasibility

Economic feasibility of investments for banks, investors and subsoil users.

Ventilation and degasification

Construction of ventilation objects, mines degasification objects, fire prevention and protection activity, aerogas control.

Project documentation development

Development of projects for mine construction (development, preparation and mining of coal fields), reconstruction and technical upgrading.

Feasibility study

Feasibility study of constant and temporal conditions.

Fire protection

Projects for extinction of endogenous fires.

Mothballing and liquidation

Mothballing and liquidation of non-paying mines.





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