Designing of cost-efficient coal
preparation plants


Designing of open-pit


Designing of underground


Designing of industrial


Local designing

  • Utility
  • General layout
  • Process
  • Structural
  • Architectural
  • Additional
  • Demolition and
  • Environment
  • Special
  • Linear

Dmitry Yeryomenko

Chief Executive Officer


Mr Yeryomenko is engaged in developing and carrying out projects on the increase in capacity and efficiency of existing coal preparation plants.

He has his own pre-design works and layout solutions which have been of great assistance during designing of new coal preparation plants and upgrading of the existing ones.

Mr Yeryomenko held the position of the director of the coal preparation plants Pechorskaya, Shchedrukhinskaya, Koksovaya, Krasnogorskaya.

He is a graduate of Moscow State University with a degree in Mineral Processing.

Mr Yeryomenko has done training in DUPONT Russia LLC “Safety management: effective systems applied by production managers”.

Centre of Administrative management “Basic system of corporate governance”.

Siberian State University with a degree in “Economics in mining enterprises”.

Olga Veretennikova

Commercial director


Implementation of turn-key projects: from the analysis of technical and economic expediency of the particular object to the front end engineering design, obtaining of all the necessary permits and approvals, site selection, construction and commissioning.


She is a graduate of Siberian State Industrial University with a degree in Industrial and Civil Construction.


Ms Veretennikova has undergone training "Art of negotiations" in the Center of Personnel Technologies “Workforce capacity” LLC, Moscow city.


"Effective argumentation". Training company LiCO, Saint-Petersburg city.


"Efficient management". Training Institute ARB PRO, Saint-Petersburg city.

Certificates and licenses

We have all necessary certificates and licenses in accordance with the applicable legislation
of Russian Federation which are necessary for executing business.

LICENSE № PM-68-002172 “Execution of mine-surveying work” dated 8 October 2013

CERTIFICATE of clearance to the particular kind or kinds of work that have an impact on the safety of capital construction objects № PNTS 120160/164

GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) № ST.RU.0001.M0009453 dated 26.08.2016.
Quality management system which is applicable to the construction works, refurbishment and overhaul of capital construction objects, to front end engineering design of capital construction objects that have an impact on the safety of capital construction objects.


The process of dumping on the surface mining is one of the most problematic in terms of industrial safety. The problem is compounded by the fact that the external dumps are often pilled on unprepared base, composed of clay.

The main direction of Prokopyevsk Mining and Design Institute has been comprehensive design in the area of subsoil use and coal conversion.

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