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Preparation plants


Study of the raw material base
The construction or reconstruction of any preparation plant requires an in-depth study of the raw material base, and the selection of the coal preparation technology depends on it.
Even a slight change in the quality or washability of raw coal can lead to a partial or complete loss of production capacity.
Flexibility of the company
This is achieved by selecting a balanced process of coal preparation and flexibility of the selected process.
The plants we design are equally effective and they efficiently process coals of different grades in the same processing line.
Latest global developments are the key to selecting the optimal preparation process
When selecting the processing line, we consider experience of domestic and foreign preparation plants. The specialists of the Institute have personally visited and familiarized themselves with the latest technologies in the USA, South Africa, China and Australia.
We know how to spend just 300,000 rubles and achieve the same effect as from the investment of 15,000,000 rubles.
Equipment upgrade
We provide for further upgrading of the equipment and addition of preparation modules, which allows increasing the capacity up to 25% without additional investments in construction and expansion of the shop areas.
Only necessary items
We select only necessary equipment that allows you to achieve the planned results without increasing the financial costs for the purchase of technologies of widely promoted brands.
Our plants do not have anything unnecessary!
СReduction of investments by 15%
As a result of decisions made during the design and development of the equipment layout.
Due to the optimally selected process flowsheet, the plant buildings become smaller, the cost of materials, construction and installation work, erection time and operating costs are reduced.
Specialists of the Institute participate in commissioning of the preparation plant until it reaches its designed capacity.
In addition, there is a number of other steps that will help to further reduce the cost of construction:
General layout
  • efficient production, transport and engineering links in the enterprises.
  • modern methods of calculation based on Eurocodes;
  • application of the latest construction materials.
  • selection of optimal equipment;
  • reduction of the length of transport communications.
  • the cost of works and construction materials is the most profitable for the customer, not for the construction company.
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Lost profit


Some modern preparation plants lose this amount every year due to the loss of production capacity as a result of changes in the quality of supplied raw materials.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a universal and flexible preparation plant that is not afraid of changes in the raw material base.

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