Prokopyevsk Mining and Design Institute



BIM2B means «BIM to Business». Our slogan is «we optimize business».​


Currently, the company can offer its customers solutions in the following areas:
- Calculation and selection of equipment for hydrotransportation systems, both for clean water and for various slurries (pulp and paper, coal, mining industry, etc.). Equipment - pumps, pipelines and fittings, valves;
- Calculation and selection of equipment for dust removal and aspiration systems of industrial production facilities (specialists with academic degrees are working in this area in the company);
- Development of control algorithms and automation of both conveyor and hydraulic transport systems and aspiration systems;
- Technical audit of existing conveyor and hydraulic transport systems and selection of solutions for its optimization / upgrading in order to improve performance or reduce operating costs.​


Production of modern equipment lines: conveyors (belt, plate, screw, roller conveyors) and hoists, drive and tensioning stations, conveyor beds of different designs, roller supports of different types, serial conveyor rollers.​


Production of beneficiation equipment, equipment for sampling and preparation of laboratory and analytical samples of coal, also customized equipment, metal structures.


Production of screw, roll, vibrating screens, elevators, feeders.
Manufacture of equipment for the production of construction materials, as well as hydraulic equipment.​


Official representative of the German company «Hein, Lehmann» GmbH.
Production of high-performance, wear-resistant welded slot sieves (slotted sieves) necessary for complex solutions of problems related to classification, filtration and dewatering of fine-grained products.
Designing and construction works as well as consultancy services for solving technical problems on the development and application of slotted sieves.
Production of arc and conical sieves, cylindrical and tubular filters, rotors for centrifuges, cards for various types of screens, as well as other products according to orders of customers.​


Design, production, service and overhaul of equipment for coal preparation and mining industry.
Serial production of special equipment for aircraft maintenance at airports in our country and neighboring countries, and also manufacture of fire-fighting vehicles for use at airports.


Production and sale of weighing equipment (from high-precision laboratory scales to heavy-duty railway and truck scales) including spare parts for them.
Repair and maintenance of weighing equipment, installation, adjustment and calibration with subsequent delivery for verification.


- development and production of resistance strain gauges and strain gauges as well as production of devices and systems based on them;
- production of industrial scales;
- production of weight-batching equipment;
- modernization and repair of mechanical scales and weight batchers;
- development and production of complex weighing and weight-batching systems;
- production of conveyors and spare parts for mining equipment;
- production of customized process equipment.​


Design and construction of modular turnkey laboratory buildings of any profile.
Supply of laboratory, analytical and measuring equipment for various purposes from manufacturers and largest global distributors.
Construction of weighing control stations (WCS) on the basis of truck, wagon and combined (truck/railway) scales manufactured by Mettler Toledo.
Development of design documentation, manufacturing and delivery of video surveillance systems, systems for recognition of license plates and/or wagons / tanks and correct positioning of vehicles on scales.
Pre-commissioning, service support and post-warranty maintenance.​