Prokopyevsk Mining and Design Institute


BIM certification

In 2019, Prokopyevsk Mining and Design Institute made a breakthrough in the field of project implementation by completing a comprehensive training and implementation of BIM design technology, becoming the first in Kuzbass among design institutes.

BIM technologies create an automated working environment inside and outside the company, which helps to ensure a clear interaction not only between departments and engineers, and also shapes the relationship Customer - Design Institute, Customer - Design Institute - Construction Company.

Working in intelligent 3D models of the cloud space opens up the following opportunities:

Any perspective, any angle of view and scale.
Intelligent system generates the report on collisions highlighting the area that needs correction. Compared to old design methods, investment overrun caused by errors which are usually identified only at the construction stage is excluded.
The client can monitor the designing terms at any time and promptly make changes according to its own wishes.
due to reduced labor contribution of contractors and lack of the need to correct changes.
in the existing model as well as develop variability. Any responsible project cannot manage without changes and our modern approach will allow making them promptly.
and further development of the system not only within the framework of the project, but also at the construction and operation stages. If the construction contractor uses BIM technologies as well, then at the design stage it is possible to estimate material consumption, ensure strict adherence to the project schedule, approved estimates, etc.