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Functions of full-time ecologist at the enterprise


Environmental engineer (ecologist) is a specialist who is responsible for organizing a set of measures and actions aimed at maintaining a high level of environmental safety and reducing the negative impact of industrial and other activities on the environment.

Despite the fact that a full-time ecologist plays an important role in the enterprise, many managers do not see the need to keep this specialist on staff. The main reason for this lies in the financial benefit. In cases of acute need, such enterprises resort to the help of outsourcing and consulting companies. Or they hire a specialist who is ready to manage and fill out the necessary documentation, for example, a chief engineer.

Many companies and enterprises, on the contrary, not only involve a full-time ecologist in almost all work processes. But they also create an entire department for environmental control and protection on the basis of the organization.

Supervisory authority responsible for monitoring the proper implementation of the requirements of environmental legislation is the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources and its territorial departments.

Functions of the environmental engineer at the enterprise

• is involved in all projects related to modernization, increase or changes in production plans
• participates in all expert reviews connected with the forthcoming changes at the enterprise
• is involved in research work on the prevention of mass pollution of the environment

In addition, the full-time ecologist, together with the inspection commission, draws up an action plan for environmental protection and monitors its implementation.

For industrial companies and enterprises that do not have a full-time ecologist, Prokopyevsk Mining and Design Institute offers an environmental outsourcing service offering both regular support and one-time consulting. Within the framework of environmental support the team of Prokopyevsk Mining and Design Institute will help to conduct all required inspections, as well as to prepare and send quarterly and annual reports to the supervisory authorities.

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